Zabrosky Chiropractic and Wellness Center
2009 Warrenville Road   Lisle, IL, 60532   630-515-0001
Adriana Zabrosky
Our Wellness Services Include
  • Pierce Technique
  • Vibrational Therapy
  • Rapid Release
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutritional Workshops
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Functional Medicine

Our Specialties

Dr. Zabrosky has been serving the community since 1992. A graduate of Palmer College, she addresses three causes to your health problems. The first is the pollution of our water, food and air. She will check your body for toxicity. A nutritional cleansing program can help get rid of chemical toxicity in your body. As a result you will improve your overall health, have more energy and lose unwanted weight rapidly. The second cause of health problems is prolonged stress that is harmful and can lead to hormone imbalances in your adrenal glands. You will get checked for hormonal imbalances as a result of stress and be placed on a program to repair your adrenal glands. The third approach to wellness is removing undetected neurological damage. Trauma starts early in childhood with falls, sports and as we get older repetitive poor habits. Your nerves control all functions of your body and if they are not working properly, neither will your body. Your spine will be checked and corrected. 

Our History

Established in 1992. 

Serving the community since 1992, we have provided over 34,000 individual spinal adustments. We see anyone from newborns to 98 year olds! Our mission is to get everyone healthy and to keep you healthy. Your good health is the best insurance that you can have! We have served some of the most notable people in our community. We accept all cases regardless of your condition or financial situation. There is nothing bigger than life and we believe life should be lived at its best potential. That is why we give free lectures to the community on health and wellness.

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