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Charles Lewis, ND
1790 Hwy 5 North, Suite #3   Mountain Home, AR, 72653   870-277-1172
Charles Lewis
Our Wellness Services Include:
  • Naturopathic Functional Evaluations
  • European Biological Integrative Therapies
  • EAV Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Homeopathy and Homotoxicology
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Chinese Drugless Therapies
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Detoxification Protocols
  • Health and Wellness Classes

At Simply Your Health:

Dr. Charles Lewis, N.D. brings the practice of Naturopathy to you. As a naturopath, he specializes in alternative biological medicine.

Two premises distinguish naturopathy from conventional medicine. First, rather than merely treating symptoms, naturopathic practitioners focus on understanding and helping the body deal with the underlying cause of each individual’s health issues, while concentrating on preventive measures. Secondly, naturopaths advocate the use of gentle, effective, drug-free remedies to enhance your success on your journey to optimal health.

You are treated as a “whole” person by including the mental, emotional and physical issues as a basis for making an assessment. Working together toward wellness, the client and naturopathic doctor together form a team to reach the health goals that you desire. You are empowered to take your own active role in the healing process. Dr. Lewis has successfully helped individuals who were dealing with a wide variety of health issues.

Natural Therapies and services are employed and recommendations may include acupuncture, botanical/ herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese/Ayurvedic medicine, natural hormone replacement, anti-aging therapies, and immune system enhancement. Specialized assessments are available to determine how to; balance nutrients and sensitivities, biological functions, digestive function, remove toxic elements, and more.

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