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Our Wellness Services Include
  • Nutrition
  • Energy and Body Balancing
  • Reflexology
  • Healing Touch
  • NES
  • ZYTO
  • Quantum Analysis
  • Lymphatic Drainage/Movement
  • Cold Laser
  • Ionic Foot Baths

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Our approach to dis-ease includes wellness support for just about any health challenge you may have. A true wellness approach includes the use of vitamin, mineral and/or herbal supplements along with whole foods and even detoxification programs to enhance health. We can also help identify (and remove) foods that you may be mildly allergic to. We believe that by removing the impediments to health and providing the building blocks, the body will spring back to health.

Rather than just treat symptoms with a drug, a wellness approach to health seeks to address the underlying cause. Most chronic health challenges can benefit greatly, if not completely, from a wellness approach. And you don't have to be ill to adopt a wellness lifestyle. A wellness lifestyle can help you have more energy and promote anti-aging.

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